LOCATION : East Chicago, Indiana
MARKET : Residential
"Breaking the Cycle of Hopelessness"

This new development for East Chicago reflects UP Development's commitment to a holistic approach to poverty alleviation. UP is pursuing multigenerational strategies to cut the cycle of intergenerational poverty through innovative and "net zero" design, active transportation options, a resourceful use of available financial resources, and responsible management and outcome tracking protocols. Cordogan Clark is committed to developing a refined and responsible architecture that plays a key supporting role in addressing these needs.

Harbor Square is a mixed-use, three-story building in the heart of the North Harbor neighborhood of East Chicago, Indiana. Residential units are located in the upper floors and a Community Clinic is at ground level. The project targets low-income individuals and small families, with an emphasis on single-parent households. The project includes a solar panel array to offset utility costs and energy consumption. Residents benefit from a robust service plan that was carefully designed to empower households to break from entrenched, multigenerational cycles of poverty.

Harbor Square was conceived through the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s Moving Forward 3.0 program through which it secured tax credits in December of 2018, and the project enjoys the strong support of the state agency, the local government, and various regional partners.