RESIDENTIAL: Myers Place - Kenneth Young Center
Mt. Prospect, Illinois

Myers Place is an innovative new four-story permanent supportive housing project in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. It features 18 studio units and 21 one-bedroom apartments. The first floor includes a retail space, community and computer centers, and laundry rooms. All units are spacious with generous natural light and ventilation. Other key design features include: on site management; 24-hour security; extensive ground landscaping; separate private storage areas for each resident; and bicycle storage. The building is easily accessible to public transit. Parks, services, and shopping are all nearby. In addition to providing affordable housing for people living with disabilities or facing homelessness, Myers Place also provides supportive housing for military veterans.

According to Jessica Berzac, Vice President of Acquisition and Development for Daveri Development Group, occupants of the living units will be self-sufficient with no assisted care and will be capable of living on their own. Staff will provide on-site case-management services. There will also be substance abuse services, if necessary. There will be vocational support such as helping people land jobs, locate jobs and become more independent.

Myer’s Place has been designed for energy efficiency and to meet LEED standards. Its design employs a vertical ground-source heat pump system to heat and cool residential units and this system will demonstrate a 30% reduction from typical energy use. Exterior walls are designed for maximum thermal efficiency and include sun screens on south- and west-facing windows to reduce heating and cooling demand. Other sustainable features include locally sourced materials, recycled material content and drought-tolerant landscaping.

The architecture of Myer’s Place uses lively blend of cast stone and face brick, a variety of brick colors, and details that emphasize the different interior uses of the building and to create a "sense of place". Its design reinforces the Myer’s Place mission to provide access to high quality affordable housing for people with mental or physical disabilities as they move towards recovery or self-sufficiency.

The project is a partnership between Daveri Development Group, LLC and the Kenneth Young Center, and was designed by Cordogan, Clark & Associates, Architects and Engineers.

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