LOCATION : Lafayette, Indiana
MARKET : Education
AREA : 25,000 SQ FT
Designing energetic spaces

Sunnyside Intermediate School accommodates all 5th and 6th grade students within the community. Their current 200,000 square foot building had capacity for approximately 1,100 students, without space for additional students. We presented various design options to the school and board, including a 25,000 SF addition and renovation of the existing 65-year-old building. The addition expands an existing cafeteria to provide much needed multi-use, two-story space with technologically advanced projection and sound systems. Supplemental administrative and support staff areas are also included.

The auxiliary main lobby is a welcoming, energizing space. New classrooms are designed to be collaborative, adaptable instructional areas with duplicate teaching walls incorporating magnetic marker boards and 70" Apple TVs. Energy efficient equipment, sun shades, high-performance glazing, and other shading devices like ceramic-frit glass patterns reduce the energy footprint of the addition. This project also includes a renovation of the art and music wing, as well as the special education area. The new special education area, relocated to the main floor from the basement, pays attention to the behavioral needs of students using durable yet tactile finishes, de-stressing rooms, and a cooking kitchen. The basement is reconfigured to support needs of computer science, music, and art departments.