LOCATION : Wheaton, Illinois
MARKET : Education
AREA : 13,000 SQ FT
Strengthening presence on campus

Cordogan Clark & Associates provided architectural and engineering services for the renovation of Harrison Hall at Wheaton College. Harrison Hall, formerly the Wheaton Christian Grammar School, consists of a core building and four additions dating from 1950 to 1976. The project scope called for the demolition of the North 1950 portion of the building to create a new North fa├žade, and for partial roof replacement. North Harrison Hall also underwent an extensive interior renovation. The new interior space consolidated the counseling and student health services departments on the first floor, as well as new locker rooms for the existing wrestling gym. The second floor houses the university's IT department which includes office space for programing, network, and IT administration. The exterior facade of the building was analyzed and renovated for thermal efficiency while enhancing the building's aesthetics and its place in the core campus context.