LOCATION : St. Louis, Missouri
MARKET : Education
AREA : 24400 SQ FT

Lindbergh Schools’ new $6.6 million Administration Center consolidates and centralizes this rapidly growing school district’s administrative functions in a modern and progressive facility. The design reflects the values of this highly ranked district with six “Blue Ribbon Schools” awards. Located at a prominent 3-way intersection, the 6-sided structure is visible from every direction. With no back of house to hide services or parking, every façade is treated equally and curb appeal abounds. Progressive and future-ready principles are evident in design decisions, resulting in a building clad in metal panels, black brick, and vibrant green accents, very distinct in appearance from the unassuming primarily commercial architecture typical to the area.

Guided by a progressive superintendent and the design team, the district’s forward-thinking administration moved away from outmoded and isolated ways of working in favor of a design that promotes and supports departmental collaboration. Its internal organization breaks down hierarchical structures with interior supervisory offices facing into large generously daylit open workspaces. The building removes barriers between district employees, resulting in better workflow and administrative culture, as employees now attest.