LOCATION : Aurora, Illinois
MARKET : Education, Recreation
AREA : 150,000 SQ FT
Building better creates value

At East Aurora High School, a new stadium, 20 new classrooms, cafeteria, library and locker room remodeling, parking and driveway improvements, are designed to give students the space they need as the district grows. These improvements, additions, and remodeling reposition this school for the 21st century. Internal circulation is redesigned so that hallway congestion is reduced. Students are allowed sufficient routes and time to reach their classes punctually. Overall, the new design of East Aurora High School revitalizes this High School by reducing class sizes and providing students the facilities they need to succeed.

Cordogan Clark's relationship with East Aurora High School has focused on minimal disruption to student and staff activities. Through strict scheduling, we successfully completed construction work throughout the summer, when the school is unoccupied. This allowed the school year to be uninterrupted, without distractions to students or teachers. Our strategy is to work around the school's needs, and our work at East Aurora is a prime example of our dedication to clients.

Cordogan Clark has been providing architectural, engineering and construction management services for this 16-School District since the early 1990's. Our work has included over $200 million in projects from 10-year HLS Studies, ADA compliance, site / facility assessments, modernization of buildings and systems nearly 100 years old, and the development of new additions and school facilities.

The school received an "Outstanding Design" award for design excellence from American School and University, 2018.