Washington Park, Chicago


The "metadesign" for West Washington Park restores community life to a large blighted inner-city region. Cordogan Clark & Associates was commissioned to design this project after Chicago's Olympic Bid proved unsuccessful, for the same site that was to house much of the Olympics.

Washington Park, a current multi-block master planning project, revitalizes the City of Chicago's urban core by bringing advanced retail and residences to an underdeveloped part of the city. These in turn are used to support and educational community at the heart of the project. Sustainable design, including public transportation and green building technologies, make this development state-of-the-art.

To make this a more sustainable, transit-oriented development, we are working with the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra to reopen stations that once served this area.

This ambitious and challenging project uses architecture and planning solutions to address issues of health, crime, education, transportation, environment, and family life.

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