LOCATION : Beijing, China
MARKET : Master Planning, Office And Mixed-Use
Beijing, China

Enhancing and expressing serious work

Cordogan, Clark & Associates was selected as the sole U.S. architectural firm to participate in a limited international competition for the design of the new corporate headquarters of China AVIC Aviation Industry in Beijing. This is a major aviation company whose focus is to efficiently develop indigenous Chinese military and civilian airline industry technologies. It manufactures J-10 and Super 7 fighter jets, among other aviation products.

This master plan for the 5.5 million s.f. corporate headquarters comprises several urban blocks. The architecture features state-of-the-art airplane technology. For example, adjustable aluminum fins similar to airplane aerolons provide solar shading. Aluminum, advanced plastics, and advanced glazing technologies are used in the building skins. Yet the master plan also references ancient Chinese planning principles, including traditional Chinese courtyard planning and "feng shui" principles. These principles are compatible with the contemporary emphasis on sustainable or "green" design. The courtyard design brings generous natural light to all parts of the development. These courtyards are landscaped and accented with reflecting pools. The design also uses sustainable technologies such as solar and geothermal for heating and cooling. Rain and waste water is recycled. Green roofs reduce the urban heat-island effect, while providing welcome outdoor space within the dense urban fabric. Vertical gardens elevate the greenscape within the hi-rise buildings, providing internal gardens and courtyards directly accessible to the elevated offices.

The advanced design of the building fabric and architectural form is specifically expressive of this company's products. It positions this corporate headquarters at the forefront of its field. Yet its sustainable features and technologies make this an eminently livable environment. It provides an enjoyable work environment conducive to creativity and serious contemplation.