LOCATION : Naperville, Illinois
MARKET : Hospitality
Southwest Crossing

Inviting environment

This Clubhouse for the Southwest Crossing residential development features pool, gymnasium, office, and gathering areas. Its strong central axis flows from the tall entrance hall, through the pyramidal atrium and towards an open pool. Internal functions are arranged around the central atrium. Natural and indirect light radiates from this central point, unifying the interior space. Light coves ascend towards a pyramidal skylight in the middle zone, providing a soft glow throughout. The more formal, vertical central spaces are flanked by lower, more intimate spaces for informal conversation and gatherings, anchored by a large stone chimney and fireplace.

The spatial layering, fenestration, and built-in furnishings are carefully articulated through an extensive system of horizontal and vertical banding which reads from the interior to the exterior.

The design creates a dynamic, cohesive, yet warmly inviting environment for group recreational activities, office and leasing functions, and for more intimate gatherings.