Management Profile

Therese Thompson joined Cordogan, Clark & Associates after completing a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at the School of the Art Institute in 1986. Her project involvement began with construction document production, progressed quickly to design and construction administration, and currently includes project management for many of the firm's high-profile projects. Therese's extensive and thorough involvement with many projects has given her a solid understanding of the process of shaping the designed environment. She is committed to the notion that each project is a response to unique contexts and client goals. With her wideranging experience, she brings a creative, yet pragmatic, approach to interior architecture and project management, helping the team interpret and implement program goals.

The variety of projects in which Therese has participated include institutional and educational facilities; single and multi-family residential projects; financial institutions; libraries; casinos; and commercial projects.

Therese managed a multi-year capital expansion program for MidCity/ MB Financial Bank that saw the remodeling and construction of over 20 facilities in eight years. The project also accomplished the successful blending of two corporate cultures into a single brand, recognizable for its consistently high level of design and detail.

Therese has been involved in multiple projects for the Hollywood Casino organization, ranging from the construction document production for the original building, to the design and project management of the current dockside gaming barge. All these projects for Hollywood Casino make extensive use of Art Deco themes to reinforce the company's identity.

Most recently, Therese has been the project manager for the Sugar Grove Public Library, a new 25,000 square foot facility scheduled for completion in August 2009. The library uses a Victorian farm vernacular to reflect the long agricultural history of the community that it will serve. She is also involved in the design of a new environmentally sensitive research and development facility for Roquette America that will feature cutting edge collaborative workspaces.

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