LOCATION : Chicago, Illinois
MARKET : Residential
Chinese American Development Corporation

Located in the heart of Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood, the Jade Garden Apartments comprises a 16-acre mixed-use development of 72 rental units for low to moderate income families.

The Chinese American Development Corporation (CADC), a consortium of local community and business people, collaborated with the Habitat Company to enhance the neighborhood by developing a long unused land parcel, formerly owned by the Santa Fe Railway.

CADC and Cordogan Clark's design for Jade Garden provides appealing residences for seniors. It was critical to the CADC consortium that older community residents remained in the neighborhood rather than moving elsewhere. As the neighborhood's housing stock was aging, new construction was needed to accommodate the expanding population.

The architecture of Jade Garden uses defensible space concepts to clearly define and differentiate individual units and the zones belonging to them. The grouping of the townhomes and multifamily buildings creates semiprivate zones, or courtyards, which are afforded natural surveillance from the buildings that face them.